Podcast Ep. 36. “Yes, and…”: A Guide to Effective Science Communication Using Improvisation

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Science communication takes a lot of different forms, including improvisation. In this episode, we interview Center for Sustainable Nanotechnology graduate student Paige Kinsley and alum Liz Laudadio. The episode dives deep into the life skills you can learn from doing improv, how it can make you a better listener, and how it relates to science storytelling. Not to mention the benefits of finding hobbies to do with your labmates.

(Paige Kinsley (left) and Liz Laudadio (right), mid-improv performance and recording this episode’s interview, along with Blue the cat. (photos courtesy of Liz Laudadio & Paige Kinsley)

To listen to this podcast episode, click here.

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IntervieweesLiz Laudadio & Paige Kinsley

Interviewer/EditorStephanie Mitchell

Producer/HostMiriam Krause

Assistant Producer: Emma Bublitz

Music: PC III and Dexter Britain

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