Podcast Ep. 19 Scientists and Impostor Syndrome: Can We Do Anything About It?

You may have heard of “impostor syndrome” or “imposter phenomenon,” when perfectly competent people have the feeling that they don’t belong or are faking it in their professional lives. It can lead sufferers to hold back their ideas and self-reject from opportunities, and it is surprisingly common among high-achieving people. In this episode, we talk with Dr. Valerie Young, an expert on impostor syndrome with both research and personal experience. She discusses one common factor across all people who experience impostor syndrome, and three things you can do about it if you experience the phenomenon yourself.

Dr. Valarie Young
Dr. Valerie Young is an expert on the imposter syndrome and an award-winning author.

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Interviewee: Dr. Valerie Young

Producer/Host: Miriam Krause

Music: Ketsa