Spring 2018 Update & Recommended Reading

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It's been a busy month in the Center for Sustainable Nanotechnology! We had our spring all-hands meeting at Johns Hopkins University, where we discussed research, did professional development, and enjoyed some in-person team building. We also got to do an outreach event at the Maryland Science Center, where we had a great time talking with members …

Ep 10. Why Were Plastic Mirobeads Banned? Marine Debris and Sustainable Plastics

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Plastic debris in our water is a huge pollution problem, and just one source of that pollution is the tiny microbeads that have been widely used in personal care products. In this episode of the podcast, we interview Dr. Richard Thompson, a Professor of Marine Biology at Plymouth University and an expert on the effects of plastic debris in the marine environment. We discuss the recent federal ban on microbeads and what consumers can do to be more sustainable in our day-to-day use of plastics.