Please Take Our Science Communication Survey!

Hey Science Readers and Writers!

We’ve launched a new survey about how readers respond to different text styles. We would appreciate any and all participation to help us understand what kind of texts are most engaging and effective for readers.

Please CLICK HERE to take the survey!

three people in lab coats and safety goggles look down on a glowing tablet
This will be us looking at your survey data (image (not really us) from the National Cancer Institute)

The survey is available in English, Spanish, and Chinese! (You can change the language in the top right corner drop down menu on the survey page.) Anyone able to read English, Spanish, or Chinese is eligible to participate. Feel free to share with friends, family and other science lovers.  

Once our survey is concluded, we will be able to unveil a fun project we’ve been working hard on… More participants means a faster reveal!

Here’s the link again – and thank you!