Time to catch up on the podcast!

Today Sustainable Nano will publish the 30th episode of our podcast, called “Nanocomposites: Getting the Best of Two Worlds.” It’s an interview with Professor Klaus Müllen, and should be available later this morning. As I prepared the show notes for the episode, I realized that we had gotten behind on sharing the last few episodes here on the blog! So in case you missed them when they first came out, there are links below for episodes 27, 28, and 29.

Time to catch up on podcasts! (photo by Juja Han)

Generally we publish each podcast episode through our podcast page, which automatically pushes it to platforms like Apple Podcast and Stitcher. But we also like to put each episode up as a blog post here to keep blog readers in the loop, and that is the step that I (in my roles as blog editor and podcast producer) have been neglecting.

So this morning, those of you who receive email updates for the blog probably received three notifications, one for each episode (plus a fourth for this summary). Apologies for filling your mailbox – we’ll try not to let it happen again! Here are the episodes to catch up on:

Hope you enjoy these audio installments of Sustainable Nano, and stay tuned for more from both the blog and the podcast coming soon!