Ep 29. Green is the Color of Chemistry

Dr. Mary Kirchhoff is Executive Vice President of Scientific Advancement at the American Chemical Society and Director of the ACS Green Chemistry Institute. Her career has spanned a variety of experiences related to sustainability in chemistry, including working with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s green chemistry program and co-editing a book on Greener Approaches to Undergraduate Chemistry Experiments. In this episode, Dr. Kirchhoff shares insights and examples on the importance of green chemistry with two graduate student interviewers from the Center for Sustainable Nanotechnology.

Dr. Mary Kirchhoff, Executive Vice President of Scientific Advancement at ACS (left); green chemistry image by IO-images

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Interviewee:Mary Kirchhoff

Interviewers:Stephanie Mitchell & Peter Clement

Producer/HostMiriam Krause

EditorAlicia McGeachy

Music: PC III and Dexter Britain