Ep 26. Nanomaterials and Renewable Energy: From Solar Panels to Machine Learning

How are photons like toddlers? And what does that have to do with solar energy? Dr. Jillian Buriak has been researching nanomaterials and renewable energy for over a decade, including work to improve solar panel technology. In this first episode of the Sustainable Nano Podcast’s third season, we interview Dr. Buriak, who is a Professor of Chemistry at the University of Alberta and Canada Research Chair of Nanomaterials for Energy, about her research, career path, and even some advice for junior scientists.

Dr. Jillian Buriak (left) and and the cover illustration of single-crystal nickel−iron oxide nanoparticles of different shapes, based on an article from her lab (right, from Bao et al. 2014., used with permission from the American Chemical Society)

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IntervieweeDr. Jillian Buriak

Producer/HostMiriam Krause

EditorAlicia McGeachy

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