Sustainable Nano Summer Update

Sustainable Nano is taking a bit of a break for the summer, but science doesn’t stop! Activities for the Center for Sustainable Nanotechnology include our Research Experience for Undergraduates and Research Experience for Veterans programs, which bring undergraduate students from around the country to do research in CSN labs for 10 weeks each summer.

REU-REV students
Our 2017 REU/REV students suited up for a tour of the clean room at the Minnesota Nano Center (see here for a blog post about the tour from last summer).

Keep reading below for some recommended reading about other summer science, both from the CSN and other researchers.

Carbon Dots
Nanoscale carbon dots made from citric acid and malic acid fluoresce under UV light. (reprinted from Pham et al. (2017)1 with permission from the American Chemical Society)

Stay tuned for more new Sustainable Nano posts coming soon, including several by our REU/REV students! Meanwhile, what other nanoscience stories have piqued your interest this summer?


1. Pham SN, Kuether JE, Gallagher MJ, Hernandez RT, Williams DN, Zhi B, Mensch AC, Hamers RJ, Rosenzweig Z, Fairbrother H, Krause MO, Feng ZV, & Haynes CL. “Carbon Dots: A Modular Activity To Teach Fluorescence and Nanotechnology at Multiple Levels.” Journal of Chemical Education (2017). doi: 10.1021/acs.jchemed.6b00995