Podcast Ep 15. The Art of Beehives, Foam, & Bubbles: An Interview with Peter Krsko

Artist Peter Krsko uses his background in physics and materials science to study and communicate about nature. He is described as a “bioinspired artist whose approach combines science and art, participatory, interactive and community arts, and play with hands-on education.” On this episode of the podcast, we interview Dr. Krsko about art, science, community building, and spending this semester as Artist in Residence at the UW-Madison Arts Institute’s Interdisciplinary Arts Residency Program.

Artist Peter Krsko (right) working on a sculpture inspired by the geometry of bubbles (left).   (images courtesy of Peter Krsko)

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Students (left) working on understanding the cone geometry of bergamot seeds (right) (photos courtesy of Peter Krsko)
A model of a sculpture (left) inspired by the structural colors of peacock feathers (right) (photos courtesy of Peter Krsko)
Community involvement in painting a mural  (photos courtesy of Peter Krsko)


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Interviewee: Dr. Peter Krsko

Producer/Host: Miriam Krause

Music: Ketsa