Ep 1. Why Do We Care About Sustainable Nanotechnology?

What does “Sustainable Nano” even mean?

On this pilot episode of our brand new podcast, we talk with the Director of the Center for Sustainable Nanotechnology, along with students, faculty, and a few complete strangers about some questions related to our Center’s research: What is nanotechnology? What is sustainability? And what does it mean when we put the two terms together?


Sustainable Nano Podcast

We’ll be posting new episodes of the podcast Monday through Thursday this week, so stay tuned! You can find each episode here on the blog or on our podcast page, or you can subscribe on iTunes.


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IntervieweesDr. Bob HamersDr. Christy HaynesDr. Zeev RosenzweigDr. Rebecca KlaperDr. Ian Gunsolus, Andie Alton, Austin Hermann, Tamira Amin, Kyle Johnson, Maddy Meyer, Gus Millevolte, Jared Bozich

Producer/Narrator: Dr. Miriam Krause

Music sources: Music for this episode came from the Free Music Archive, specifically tracks by Kesta and Dexter Britain

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