Recommended Reading: Spring Break Edition

It’s Recommended Reading Day here at Sustainable Nano!  There’s so much great stuff out there on the internet that it’s impossible to catch it all, so we thought we’d offer you a little sampling of 10 cool things we shared on Twitter and Facebook over the last couple weeks.

  1. Undark: Deborah Blum (director of the Knight Science Journalism Program at MIT and most recently well known as the author of The Poisoner’s Handbook) is part of a team that has just launched the new magazine, an “editorially independent digital publication”  dedicated to “true journalistic coverage of the sciences.”  Their homepage is at, and Blum’s essay on the magazine’s origins, The Legacy of Undark: Why Science Journalism Matters, is definitely worth reading.
  2. 5 Brilliant Scientific Accidents: NPR’s Skunk Bear has announced their nominees for this year’s Golden Mole award!
  3. Marvel Studios internship: Are you (or do you know) a 15-18 year old girl who is “inspired to create a positive world through science and technology”? Check out the Girls Reforming the Future Challenge, whose grand prize is an internship opportunity at Marvel Studios.
  4. Generation Nano: Speaking of contests, the 11 Generation Nano semifinalists have been announced! Check out their nanotechnology-inspired superheroes here.
  5. Free chemistry communication e-book: Readers involved in chemistry education may be interested in a new pre-publication book from the National Academies Press: you can download a PDF of Effective Chemistry Communication in Informal Environments for free here.
  6. Being Female in Science: This detailed, in-depth article on Being Female in Science by Paige Brown Jarreau is a long but important read.
  7. High school nanoscience: High school student Thomas Colburn has come up with a way to use nanoparticles to help plastics break down faster in sunlight. Eureka! Lab has a great, student-friendly explanation of the project.
  8. Fixing the academic workload: The always-insightful Tenure She Wrote has this interesting piece on “confetti time” and how Big kids take time too.
  9. Smog-eating, green-walled, solar-powered, glow-in-the-dark bridge: Coming soon to Barcelona! Read all about it here.
  10. New CSN website: The Center for Sustainable Nanotechnology has a new website!  This is breaking news – we haven’t even announced it on social media yet. Check it out and let us know what you think!

Happy spring break!

Curry Group
The Curry lab (members of the CSN) celebrating spring break at the American Chemical Society meeting in San Diego this week. (L-R Chemar Huntley, Dr. Kristy Crews, Aiesha Ethridge, Donald White, Md Shariful Islam, Dr. Mike Curry; image courtesy of Mike Curry)