Ep 25. Finding the Next Fix for the World’s Problems: More from the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station

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In the second interview from our visit to the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station, graduate students Natalie Hudson-Smith and Jaya Borgatta interview Dr. Wade Elmer, Chief Scientist for the Department of Plant Pathology and Ecology. They discuss everything from everyday garden fertilizers to cutting-edge nanoparticle experiments on watermelon.

Dr. Wade Elmer with eggplant seedlings at the Connecticut Agricultural Research Station. (image by Jan Ellen Spiegel, used with permission from Undark Magazine)

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Interviewee: Dr. Wade Elmer

Interviewers: Natalie Hudson-Smith and Jaya Borgatta

Producer/Host: Miriam Krause

Music: Ketsa

Note: This podcast episode was posted on June 28, 2018, but we neglected to publish our usual blog update at that time. Stay tuned for our new podcast season starting up later this month! 

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